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Kalehua + Paul {Roseville, CA Wedding Photographer}

I am a lucky girl to get these two for their engagement session!  Paul & Kalehua are a great couple & make quite the pair!  This was my first time to meet Paul.   Paul asks me how long the session would take…we smoothed that over then I made him kneel in weeds for the first shot (good thing he was a good sport!).  We went WAY longer than we had discussed which Paul reminded me of at the end (which I attribute to Paul’s chatting during the session & Kalehua’s 3 darling outfits!….and oh yeah!  I take too many pictures also!)  This my friends is the reason why this blog post is sooooo big:  Paul, Kalehua & me!

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One Response to “Kalehua + Paul {Roseville, CA Wedding Photographer}”

  1. Laura says:

    Linz these look FABULOUS!!! The best part is I just bought that same yellow and grey dress at the Rack! SO CUTE!

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