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Archive: July, 2011

Kalehua + Paul {Roseville, CA Wedding Photographer}

Friday, July 29th, 2011

I am a lucky girl to get these two for their engagement session!  Paul & Kalehua are a great couple & make quite the pair!  This was my first time to meet Paul.   Paul asks me how long the session would take…we smoothed that over then I made him kneel in weeds for the first shot (good thing he was a good sport!).  We went WAY longer than we had discussed which Paul reminded me of at the end (which I attribute to Paul’s chatting during the session & Kalehua’s 3 darling outfits!….and oh yeah!  I take too many pictures also!)  This my friends is the reason why this blog post is sooooo big:  Paul, Kalehua & me!

Stephanie + Cody {Rocklin, CA Photographer}

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Your session was great you two love birds :)   I will show you more very soon!  Didn’t want to leave you hanging without seeing something…..

Miss Sammy {Rocklin, CA Child Photographer}

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Session 3 from my Utah trip: this little cutie is my nephew Nash’s cousin.  She is a doll!  Just barely turned one and is a good little girl (that likes her some Pirate’s Booty!)  It was great to see my Brother-in-law Sean’s sisters & my girls got to join us.  It was pretty funny because this “neighborhood” cat was real friendly & followed us all around and would even park it write by little Samara…. who actually liked this (thank goodness).  All and all it was a lot of fun!  Guess what got Samara to smile for awhile…………………give up????…………………………..she got to bite mommy’s finger!  ha!  So funny!

Sarah’s Bridals! {Rocklin, CA Wedding Photographer}

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Session 2 from Utah:  Bridals (with a groom).  This is my Brother-in-law Blake & soon to be Sis-in-law Sarah.  A small sneak peek….more to come!

Sweetie Pie {Rocklin, CA Newborn Photographer}

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Isn’t she is precious???  I am a proud new auntie of this little babe!  Her siblings were featured on my blog not too far back.  She joins her family as child #4.  I am so glad we didn’t have to wait too long to meet this sweetie.  I loved holding her and getting her to smile…I wish I could know what she dreams about because she sure does look happy!

This is her big sister Lily who is a doll & is so much fun!  She loves her sister & will come talk to her “Hi Baby Kate”.  So sweet!  Ash, you are awesome & I don’t know how you do it!  Your kids are all so beautiful!


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