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Penney Family {Rocklin, CA Family Photographer}

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

It was great seeing this family again!  These cute boys are getting way to big!  Just a few of my favorites…enjoy!

Oh Henry! {Newborn Photographer} Rocklin, CA

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Sweet Henry was about 4 weeks old when he came for a visit.  He is such a cute baby and his beautiful mom came prepared with some fun blankets & extras!

This little guy and Ezra could be friends….They both love the whole mustache theme & chevron stripes :)

Guests {Rocklin, CA Children’s Photographer}

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Mini Kip & Napoleon right here…these boys play together & snuggle together & are best pals (as you can tell…)

cousins- awwwwww…..  My girls joined in for a minute

Huge post!  ha!  I can’t help it sometimes :)   These kids are just too cute…. We were so lucky to have more family come visit!  We have been so spoiled lately.  My kids love having their cousins come stay.  I of course must steal the children for a photo session when I get the chance.  It didn’t disappoint…and I smile when I think about our session- Lilly hated the grass (good thing we started with her individuals 1st), Cole got so sweaty & beat red after 5 minutes at the park while he waited his turn (love the rosy cheeks from it), & Jace loved getting his picture taken & was so photogenic….I love the peace sign picture because he has been trying that one out on the picture taker at least since Christmas time :)

On a side note…I must also mention that their mommy- my adorable sister-in-law who joined in on the 10 hour car ride was due 6 weeks later with baby #4! ….so we are waiting to hear!!!   And one more thing to mention- her oldest was born one month before Zoie- YES I am definitely behind!

Miss Hannah {Sacramento, CA Photographer}

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Hannah looks so beautiful….I was lucky to again photograph an 8 year old girl in her special baptism dress.  Hannah even taught me a “peanut butter- ….” something line that worked like a charm during pictures!  I seem to have forgotten it already so I will have to ask her again!  And if you’re curious- her amazing dress was made from her mom’s wedding dress…I know, cool idea!!!

Stella {Rocklin, CA Photographer}

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Who doesn’t love a happy, smiley baby?  This should brighten everyone’s day!

6 month old Stella had so much happiness inside her she didn’t know what to do with it!

It took her a minute to find the camera and once she did she was trying all kinds of poses to check it out.

Chloe {Rocklin, CA Photographer}

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Beautiful Chloe getting all ready for her big 8th Birthday and her special baptism.

Adventures with an 85mm…borrowed. *starring my very own models* {Lincoln, CA}

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Rob was very cute and surprised me by renting the 85mm lens for me that I have been wanting to try out!  I wasn’t very organized the night before and of course the morning of I was scrambling to get flowers and balloons & plan outfits…I knew then that I was in for it!  I had spotted beautiful flower bunches at Bel Air a couple of days earlier so I went there…all gone- replaced with your typical red roses for Valentine’s Day…I was sad :(    Then headed to get the balloons- tried to be nice & let a lady that I thought had a return go before me….little did I know she was like Mary Poppins and pulled giant balloons out of her Winco plastic bag for the lady to blow up, the balloons kept coming  (20 minutes later I was out the door with mine).  Then I headed to Nugget thinking they would have flowers that would work…nope!  and then to Safeway and settled for some that they had.  Headed home…with donuts and balloons and flowers in hand!

Ava was not thrilled to be taking pictures as I got her ready at home (go figure) and Zoie was excited as usual!  On the way out to the car Ava was holding the balloons…POP!  There goes balloon #1.  Once to our location we were doing good until we decided it was time to use the balloons…we started out with 5 latex ballons and 2 red mylar heart balloons.  We ended with the red hearts and 1 latex balloon!  HA!  It was hilarious :)   for me anyways…poor Zoie shed a lot of tears over popped balloons.  We even got one on video that is definitely a keeper!  Moral to the “balloon’s for pictures” story: use them first!  before they all POP!

And now the point to this  l-o-n-g  rambling story…..WHAT YOU CAN LEARN:  Plan to have an adventure.  Picture sessions are almost never perfect. Expect the unexpected.  Plan!  Be FLEXIBLE!  Smile even when your kids are not!  Bribe them with candy during :)   Hope for good weather (we lucked out in that area).  Have fun!  Laugh!  Stay positive.  Remember that it is worth it…I love these pictures and now I have them forever.  Zoie age 5 years and 11 months.  Ava 3 years and 2 months.

(on a side note: I bribed with playing at the park, dad wasn’t thrilled…so we compromised and ended up heading straight to the McDonald’s play land!!!  All were happy in the end….)

{Olivia Part 2} Roseville, CA

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Not too many words necessary here….love her eyes, love her eyelashes, love her cute clothes, love my new colorful chairs!  Thanks for the fun photo shoot!


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